Internship (Paid Job Opportunity)

At Objekt Films we really value our interns. We see them as a way to find the next influx of employees, help us grow our company and deliver work we’re proud of.

As an intern at Objekt Films you will have the opportunity to develop and learn a variety of skills.

We are looking for people who are excited about a role that challenges them, and who’ll embrace the opportunity to work at Objekt Films.

We want people who share our sense of commitment to the projects we run, and who are willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible work.

The internship is aimed at anyone who is interested in a career in branded content, production, film, TV or agency land.

You don’t need a degree or to know people in the right places to work at Objekt Films but you do need to be hard working, passionate and driven AND possess the following skills:

Required Skills

The perfect intern fulfils most of these key skills

  • Can come up with ideas and enjoys thinking creatively
  • Excited about being part of a team and getting stuck in
  • Comfortable with juggling a variety of tasks simultaneously
  • Understands the importance of deadlines
  • Can follow a brief
  • Attention to detail
  • Enthusiastic and proactive

The right person for this role will have passion for creating amazing video, and an appetite to learn more about the production process. Ideally, they’ll have some experience with some aspects of video production, e.g. camera work or editing – but also be keen to expand their knowledge in different areas.

The work will vary significantly from taster tapes and mood reels for pitches, to films, online TV shows and campaigns that reach millions of people. From pre-production brainstorming, logistics and planning, through to working on set, and then finally putting everything together in the edit, we work across all stages of video production.

There will be opportunities for our interns to get experience of a range of different roles in production and post-production – camera operation, sound recording, editing, motion graphics, sound mixing and colour grading.

To apply please send a CV, examples of work you think best represents your skills and a covering letter saying why you want to work with us to

About Objekt Films


Objekt Films is a creative studio of dynamic young filmmaking talent. We are:

  • Bold – we say Yes & love the New
  • Noisily Entertaining
  • Great to work with

We tell stories on screen which people love to share.

Bringing a wealth of experience to our business is our Chairman, David Frank (RDF Media, Zodiak Media, TRX).

In short, fresh young ideas combined with extensive production experience.