Video Killed The Traditional Media Model

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One of my clients, Objekt Films, is developing new business models for companies who need to include video as part of their marketing campaigns. We can all see that the existing model is broken. Here's some of the thinking beyond Objekt's new product launches.

For most brands, whether big or small, taking the step into creating original video for marketing can be daunting. Everyone knows what they need to do but just getting started can be difficult.

Do you make the video in-house or engage with a proper video production company? If the former, you may have the equipment and some in-house skills but will you be able to deliver something good enough? If the latter, where do you start? So many production companies seem so big, scary and expensive. And most of the time you don’t know exactly what you need.

They push you towards big expensive shoots while all you actually need is lots of content and a plan to post it regularly. Even just finding out the cost can be difficult!

It’s obvious then that the existing model is broken. It’s built for a different time and no longer makes sense to the vast majority of modern businesses.

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The truth is that your business needs to be creating killer content to engage potential customers - especially via social platforms. The reality is that getting from this realisation to actually delivering quality content in the quantities needed, can be quite a journey. So it keeps getting put off and off and off… indefinitely.

At Objekt Films we had a similar challenge, but from the other point of view. Potential clients loved our work but when we got as far as quoting prices, they seemed to reach decision paralysis. It’s not that we’re expensive (we’re not) but more that the many options were confusing. They also wanted an ongoing relationship which had to work over a longer period of time than just a one-off shot. So we went back to the drawing board. How could we reinvent the production model for these modern times?

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We’ve now launched a number of packages that we will simplify the whole process. We started from the customer’s point of view and have now announced a Monthly Video Plan that can be bought as is, or tailored to your needs.

Up front we tell you how much it will cost. That’s something that surprisingly seldom happens. You usually get a sharp intake of breath or some talk about the length of a piece of string! With our Monthly Video Plan, we make it really simple. Starting at less than £1000, we make it really clear what you get for your money and work closely with you on what content to make.

We also understand the social media landscape and how to make the best video for each platform. We maximise the time on each shoot to give you enough content for all of your social media profiles for the month. We’ve started doing this for a range of clients in the food and health sectors and it’s really working and getting great results.

Whether it’s 6 videos a month from just £995 or up to 16 videos for £2495, we can find a package that suits you and the story you need to tell. You get to work with our amazing team - you just need to check our website to find out how happy our customers are with what we’ve made for them.

So check out our existing packages online here give us a shout to to find out how we can make these work for your business.

Make video the key part of your marketing plans that it deserves to be. We’ve made it easy for you - and we’re excited about working with you. Stop procrastinating and begin to make that difference your business needs today!