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Objekt Films

Branded Content.

Our video for Charles Schwab was the most successful branded content series ever released on Vimeo. By telling stories that really resonate with our audience, we make branded content really stand out from the crowd.

They aren’t afraid to look at things differently and push the boundaries.
— Pascale Camp | Kenwood


Bart Frank, James Lovick & Jakob Cizic.

Case Studies.

(Some of) Objekt Film’s proven success stories.

Kenwood:  Case Study

Kenwood: Case Study

YoungMinds:  Case Study

YoungMinds: Case Study

Charles Schwab:  Case Study

Charles Schwab: Case Study

Social Content.

There’s no excuse not to stand out on social media. Whether through gifs or mini docs, cinemagraphs or animations, we help brands create a truly unique and engaging presence online.

BBC:  Mary Berry

BBC: Mary Berry

Bite the Ballot:  Medellin

Bite the Ballot: Medellin

Lissom:  Painted On

Lissom: Painted On

Ember Snacks:  Monthly Content

Ember Snacks: Monthly Content

MTV:  Rita Ora Speed Date

MTV: Rita Ora Speed Date

Heart4More Foundation:  Heart Recipes

Heart4More Foundation: Heart Recipes

Objekt are the people we can most trust with our brand message.
— Tobi Alabi | Heart4More Foundation


Working with global clients, our specialised food directors continue to produce premium videos to get the mouth watering.

We love working with Objekt, the team’s enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity make every shoot fun.
— Vicky Rodford | Kenwood Global


Bart Frank & James Lovick.

Animation & GFX.

Our animation studio works across a number of different mediums, exploring styles from stop motion to live action, hand-drawn & paper animation to GFX.

GFX  - Strava, Kenwood, GasStop
Collage Leave  - Animation Director

Collage Leave - Animation Director

Corona: Lime Volleyball

Corona: Lime Volleyball

Ben Charman  - Animation Director

Ben Charman - Animation Director

Stop Motion
Cory Marsh  - Director

Cory Marsh - Director


Collage Leave, Ben Charman & Cory Marsh.