Mary Berry (out of berries)

Ahead of the new BBC series Britain's Best Cook, our director Collage Leave was tasked with building a portrait of Mary Berry, made entirely out of berries. Creating a timelapse inspired by old Art Attack challenges, the portrait comes together in sections, assembling in front of the audience’s eyes.


Working with the up-and-coming meat snacks brand 'Ember' we have been creating monthly packages of content for their social media, including stop motion animations, stills, videos and cinemagraphs. 

Our monthly packages are unique and tailored specifically for your brand. If you want your brand to stand out on social media get in touch on 

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Bite the Ballot

The charity Bite the Ballot was invited to bring it’s political engagement methodology out to Colombia ahead of their national elections. We went along to document the journey in a series of mini-doc videos for their socials.

Whilst on the road we also produced a series of social teasers from the cities that the Charity’s founder, Michael Sani, visited, including Cinemagraphs and Paralax photos that the audience really engaged with.

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Corona: Lime volleyball

Ben Charman brought his playful and fun style of digital animation to this series of social shorts for Corona. As looping animations, these worked across platforms and jazzed up the feed of this iconic drinks brand.


speed dating with Rita ora

In the run up to the MTV European Music Awards Brook Driver and Cory Marsh created a series of comedic videos with the host, Rita Ora. These included comedy speed dating spots for Facebook as well as accompanying Snapchat and Instagram content.

We had a lot of fun on our speed date with Rita. Though I think she must have noted down my number down wrong as she is yet to call me back.
— Brook Driver | Director
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Heart4More Foundation

Our work for Heart4More Foundation blurs the lines between our social video arm and our food production arm. Tasked with creating heart-healthy food recipes for Instagram, we took all of our knowledge of high end food videography and collided it with our expertise in social content.

This social food content led us to sign up several growing food and drinks brands on retained monthly packages. To find out more of what we can do for you, drop us a line at

We have worked with Objekt for a year & have been able to develop a fantastic working relationship - they are the people we can trust to communicate our brand message the best.
— Tobi Alabi | Heart4More Foundation

Lissom: Painted On

Tasked with creating eye catching Facebook adverts that told the story of how the shoes mould to your feet, we devised this Painted On series. This proved incredibly successful for Lissom, with over a million views and leading to a significant upturn in sales.

We now create Facebook videos for Lissom on a retained monthly basis. Get in touch to see what we can do for you:


Why This Road | Charles Schwab

Why This Road, our film about Chris Yacoubian's story, has been incredibly well received. It was viewed 4 million times in the first two weeks alone, smashing records for number of "views," "shares" and "likes" and quickly becoming the most successful branded content series ever published on Vimeo.

The film won a GTC Award for the Director of Photography, Gerry Vasbenter. The Director, James Lovick, was shortlisted for the Young Director Award.