Objekt Films is a creative studio of dynamic, young filmmaking talent.

Our goal is to create the most enjoyable production company to work with, in doing so, create the most enjoyable production company to work for.

We believe that by being creative and brave enough to shake things up we can help our clients punch through the noise. In a world where content is king and everyone is using film to engage with audiences we’re prepared to go further to help our clients stand out. We are lateral thinkers who reject complacency and constantly refresh with innovative ideas.

This approach has worked for global brands like Kenwood, Twitter, Strava, BBC, John Lewis, MAC Cosmetics, Three and Charles Schwab.

Having a fun working relationship with agencies has always been important. The team are young and enthusiastic, with their finger on the pulse, and they seem genuinely vested in the work we are creating. They aren’t afraid to look at things differently and push the boundaries.
— Pascale Camp | Kenwood
Objekt created an amazing campaign video that’s reached hundreds of thousands of people and had a huge impact. They were a pleasure to work with and we can’t recommend them highly enough.
— Nick Harrop | YoungMinds